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  Abt's Fuelplanner

Abt's Fuelplanner is a free software that lets You calculate the distance and the fuel required for a flight with any flight simulator.
You can choose from various aircrafts and wether You want the result in imperial or metric units.
No install, just filecopy and easy to use.

  Smart ILS

Smart ILS is an easy to use ILS frequency database for Microsoft Flightsimulator. It contains all runways of Flightsimulator which have an ILS.
It is the only existing tool that provides buttons for every runway ILS-frequency to put the frequency into the NAV radios of Flightsimulator with a single click.
Just type in the ICAO code of the airport and you will get the data of runways with ILS.
Click simply on NAV1 or NAV2 to set the frequency in MS Flightsimulator. Option to report wrong or missing data will be included.
When a number of user-corrections was reveived, a new database version will be released. DB updates - download and install quick and easy within the app.


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