Abt's Fuelplanner


New version v1.3 (Dec. 2021)
Abt's Fuelplanner is a free software that lets You calculate the distance and the fuel required for a flight with any flight simulator.
You can choose from various aircrafts and wether You want the result in imperial or metric units.
No install, just filecopy and easy to use.
Read the included ReamMe.txt for latest informations and help.


  • Easy and quick setup
  • Minimal harddisk-space required
  • Huge number of aircrafts available for calculation
  • Calculates distance, travel time, fuel consumption and alternate destination airports
  • Stores last data and it's windows position automatically

Video tutorials

No video - tutorials available.

Installation and use

Abt'Fuelplanner comes without an installation program. Just unzip the .exe-file and copy it into a location of Your choice. It is recommended, to create a shortcut on Your desktop or in the start-menu.

After that:
  • Make sure, that You are connected to the internet
  • Launch fuelplanner_vx.xx.exe
  • (Maybe) confirm once a warning, that this is a unknown downloaded software
  • Put in an ICAO code for Your origin and Your destination airport.
  • Choose an aircraft from the drop down list
  • Choose the desirfed volume unit (imperial or metric)
  • Click on the large rectangualt-surrounded shape with the FLAPS-gauges in the background
  • You will get a fuel- and distance- and time-calculation of Your flight as well as a number of possible alternate airports.
  • All settings as well as the window position will be stored in the user-registry
  • Click on the button labeled with "<-" in the upper right to begin a new calculation with Your last destination as departure airport.
Have fun!


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